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Spring and Summer

Spring Scraps: Small Composting for Families

Recycling, check. Reusing scrap paper and other materials around the house, check. Your children have probably had good education in school and at home about the importance of reducing waste. Next step: catching those sandwich bread crusts coffee grounds.

Maintaining compost is one of the most beneficial steps you can take for adding nutrient-rich soil to vegetable gardens and flower beds. For beginners, the process might be daunting. One answer to the overwhelming idea is putting together small compost: a manageable task that the whole family, children included, can get involved in.

You want to celebrate your child turning a year older. You want to give them gifts and serve good foods and of course, eat cake. You just can’t invite the whole world, or even the neighbors, to the party.

Follow along for a few ideas to keep the birthday party a family affair, with a little added flair.

(Mother’s Day) It’s Her Day: 21 Practically Perfect Presents for the Mom in Your Life

Take a Hike: Using Nature to Nurture Your Child’s Education

As mild weather moves in with spring, so does the opportunity to take advantage of nature’s classroom as a real-life education for young children. Grab a bucket or a paper bag, and take off for a learning activity that integrates several academic disciplines in the great outdoors.

Stay in Gear for (Next) School Year: Putting Education into Practice in Hot Summer Months 

School is out for summer; don’t let your children lose all they’ve learned this year. A good education comes to fruition when children have the opportunity to practice classroom knowledge in the real world. This summer, use practical, teachable moments to help your kids keep their minds sharp, curious, and ever ready for the next grade up.

Cake Pops to Piña Coladas: Party-Worthy Poolside Treats

Summertime means pool time, and pool time means the perfect party venue. Whether you’re throwing a birthday celebration, hosting a fun play date, or just lounging with your friends by cool water, food makes (or breaks) the party. Make sure the food you serve is a hit this summer with a delicious line-up of great treats tested by real party hosts, perfect for any poolside occasion, and simple enough to make yourself.

Road Trip Warriors: Tips for Taking the Family on Weekend Trips

Not all summer trips have to be long ones. Take advantage of short road trip destinations for quality (and quantity) time with family, even when work or finances or doesn’t allow for more involved vacations. To help make the experience a good one, follow a few tips before backing out of the driveway.

Dad Picks a Winner: Quantity Time Comes out Ahead

Quality time with our children is important, but in the midst of striving for the ideal, we could be missing on what we can give to our children during everyday moments. In between shopping for groceries and driving them all over and making sure they have what they need, it can become a tendency to hurry from one thing to the other and lose an entire day without connecting to our children. Don’t allow busyness, inconsistent working hours, or a traveling work schedule prevent your family from connecting—instead be content with quantity time.

21 Summer Camp Packing Tips for Newbie Parents (from Seasoned Ones)

Are sending your child to (gulp!) overnight camp for the first time this summer? No worries. The kids will be alright; it’s parents who need peace of mind. 

Packing the right items should help alleviate a little anxiety. This collected and curated advice about what to pack comes to you from parents who have been there, done that (and a few who were campers themselves). These tips might be the only packing list you need.

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