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     I know where the punctuation goes.

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Go ahead, send me an email. 

I do my work…

  • Compose clear, creative content for your story, site, brand
  • Handle edits on existing content
  • Fix misspelled words and take care of that pesky punctuation

…so you can do yours.

Content edits and creation for brands and publications
the newsletter |  website content | your bio | | social media influencer edits | article revisions | what you want to say…but can’t write quite right | ideas galore

I’m an LLC and everything.



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What people say about me


Rhonda has all the best traits of an editor – professionalism, expertise, and collaborative skills. Her responses are always timely, the edits are on-point and thorough, and she has the unique skill of anticipating the needs and desires of myself and my clients. Best of all, she is encouraging and makes great suggestions for me to consider.

 ~ Stephanie Buckley | tribe-builder, community entrepreneur, Southern-born storyteller, founder of Megaphone Summit

I’ve worked with Rhonda on a variety of projects over the years. Her communication style is clear so the work flows smoothly, and she always delivers as promised. On editing work, Rhonda is just the right balance of encouragement and saving-you-from-yourself. She’s the ideal partner for small business owners who want someone to manage high-quality, error-free copy so they can stay focused on their business.

 ~ Lela Davidson | author, corporate vice president, creator of Portfolio

 “Wow. Thank you again and again. That’s an incredible write-up.” 

Ryan Freeman-Burchfield | Freeman-Burchfield Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

“What a nice write-up on our business!”  ~ Lacey Vance | owner, head human at Hounds’ Hideaway

“This was perfect. Thank you, thank you so much for such a wonderful article. It brought warmth to my heart.” Pam Petray | Top O’ the Mount Farm


About Rhonda Franz

Of course you can see my portfolio.

The Professional Bio

I am a freelance editor, writer, and educator. My work involves communication and connection with the written word. Clients hire me to edit articles and blog posts and books, and to write profiles and stories on businesses and people.

My work with businesses and organizations involves both editing and writing: revising existing content, or helping tell the story behind the front office or home page on a website. I am good with ideas, and can help out with content marketing strategy so you can be a useful resource for potential customers.

My editing and evaluation of educational content combines my credentials and experience in public school and home-based early intervention. I have an M.A. in education and maintain teacher certification and licensure, so if you need someone familiar with education terminology and content, that’s me.

My education writing focuses on teaching children in their natural environment and finding rich learning experiences in everyday life. I contribute articles on family, education, and children’s health and wellness to parenting magazines that emphasize the opportunities parents have in everyday experiences to teach children life skills and reinforce classroom curriculum. I also write tips and stories on family, food, and managing home life with an unpredictable work schedule.

Project management work with content: I supported communication between clients/brands and influencers, proofreading content before approval and publication.

skills & specialties:

  • copy editing (what you want to say, made professional)
  • content strategy resource (I’m good with ideas)
  • editing content and social media for legal teams and marketing departments
  • education/special education/early childhood education
  • educating children in their natural environment, and writing about it
  • adapting curriculum for children with special needs

The Personal Me, bullet points only

  • transplanted city girl, having moved from the sidewalks and sirens of the city to the space (and snakes) of the rural woods
  • pilot wife and mom to three boys
  • home operations specialist/work-all-the-day girl
  • believer, reader, kid-wrangler, handler, domestic chef, hiker, long-walk taker, lover of stovetop-popped popcorn
  • accolades/claims to fame: climbed Pike’s Peak, state-qualifying competitive swimmer, makes the “best hot chocolate” (2 out of 3 kids)
  • Pandora radio: bluegrass, hymns, Aerosmith


* Updated May 2022 * 

  • Please email me at rhonda@rhondafranz.com with a sentence or two about the type of content or editing you need. 

Rhonda 👩🏼‍💻